Pat Padado's Final Chapter is the 3rd and final episode in the first season of the Pat Padado series.

Plot synopsis Edit

After the shirt ripping, Pat Padado tries to find a new one, but has a lot of trouble.

Appearances Edit

  • Pat Padado
  • Green Guy
  • Some Narrator

Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first video with a Narrator
  • The shirt rack in green guy's store is a recreation of the one in the first video.
  • This video confirms the fan theory that Pat Padado holds things with his feet, which is gross.
  • Pat Padado has gray hair.
  • Green Guy and Pat Padado are both powerful enough to hold 4 green shirts at once.
  • This video confirms the fan theory that fighting in Spanish is like a Star Wars pistol battle.
  • Green Guy says something other than Green Guy in this video; "OOHOHOHOHOH IM DIEEEEEEEEEEIN"
  • Even though Green Guy dies in this video, he comes back in the next seance, how inconsistent.
  • The end gives a little teaser for season 2!